Monday, November 3, 2008

Hollow Wooden Surfboard

In reverse order, from flat-pack to final coat. A picture-by picture account of the build of my paulownia hollow wooden surfboard using the Roy Stewart Power Surfboard method.

It was a pretty straightforward task, requiring patience and perseverance. Whole project required around 80 hours work, spread over about 8 months!

IMGP0680 by you.
waxed and ready to ride by you.
600grit rail & fin by you.
leash cup and vent nut by you.
finning by you.
IMGP0632 by you.

IMGP0529 by you.
budding Paulownia Elongata, planted this spring by you.
final base gloss coat by you.
mixing 4:1 by you.
ready to resin by you.
attempt at kiwiana - a koru, ponga, unfurling fern, in utero by you.
gloss coat by you.
IMGP0278 by you.
IMGP0218 by you.
IMGP0217 by you.
twin keels by you.
60/40 rail after by you.
before by you.
end of first shaping session by you.
top 60/40 rail facet by you.
dusty work by you.
rails pre-shaping by you.
powerfish blank by you.
Deck and internal panel 3 by you.
Rocker table by you.
internal panel 2 complete, gluing up the base by you.
gluing up by you.
making fins by you.
laying out the cut wood by you.
cutting the wood to planshape by you.
the wood by you.